The Wisdom of Steve Jobs

The Wisdom of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of the greatest minds of modern times, and all of us at Paton Tupper Digital are huge fans of his work, products and ethos. Ironically, for a tech giant, the majority of Steve’s greatest insights came from his understanding of people and human nature. Case in point, his belief that people are inherently good…
This simple insight gave birth to one of the greatest innovations of our time – the iTunes store. With the development of the iPod and subsequently other MP3 Players, the piracy of music became a major problem for the industry. Steve’s insight into human nature, believing that people were inherently good, paved the way for the launch of the iTunes store. He felt that one of the key reasons people pirated music wasn’t out of an inherent desire to steal, but rather out of a feeling of resentment at having to buy an entire album of 10-15 songs, simply to own the song they liked.

In the face of rampant piracy and the Napster debacle, Apple opened the iTunes store, allowing people to buy only the songs they liked, rather than an entire album. The result?

The biggest shift in the purchasing behaviour and dissemination of music since the creation of the LP record. On 6 February 2013, the iTunes store hit 25 billion song downloads, and today an estimated 15,000 songs are purchased every minute. The platform has become so successful as a media distributor that it now sells all forms of media, including movies, TV series, books, podcasts and apps.

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